Ryan Rotors

Ryan Rotors External Load and Agricultural Operations

Ryan Rotors has both Part 133 and 137 certificates to perform external load and aerial application operations.

External Load

Our helicopters are fitted with external hooks that enable us to move virtually anything. Helicopters easily fly over rough terrain and water and have the ability to venture where other vehicles cannot go. Ryan Rotors is equipped with everything needed including slings, straps, and mats for:

  • Cranberry Lifting
  • Mud Lifting
  • Land Conservation
  • Golf Course Repair
  • Construction

Aerial Application Aerial Application

Using a helicopter for aerial application will drastically reduce the time needed to spread granular fertilizer, herbicide, and seed. Our helicopters are fitted with the latest precision guided GPS systems to prevent uneven applications. With prior arrangement, Ryan Rotors will also deliver material directly to the site.