Ryan Rotors

Ryan Rotors Flight Training

The R44 helicopter is one of the most popular and best selling helicopters in the world due to its speed, performance, and cost effectiveness. Whether you are a private or commercial pilot, training in the R44 is a must. Ryan Rotors provides transition training into the R44 helicopter for pilots with prior R22 time and high time non-Robinson pilots. You will receive your SFAR 73 PIC signoff after the required ground school and dual instruction.

Training will include:

  • Preflight, Maintenance, and POH Ground School
  • Awareness Training
  • Straight in Autorotations
  • 180 Autorotations
  • Governor Off
  • Hydraulics off
  • Low Rpm Recovery
  • Quickstops
  • System Emergencies

Flight Reviews:

Get your Part 61.56 flight review in the R44. The review will be at least one hour of ground and one hour of flight, tailored to you specific type of flying.

Pricing Information

Flight Reviews: 1 hr Ground and 1 hour flight - $500.00

Transition Training Package: 5 hrs Grnd/dual and 5 hrs flight R44 - $2500

Instructor: $50/hr or $75/hr in customer Aircraft.

*** these prices are minimums and are for flight training only.***